Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Class Dojo and Class Badges

Ever wish you could elicit the same enthusiasm for good learning behaviors as students show for games? Well, now you can do just that by using the free technology services called Class Dojo and Class Badges. Both resources help teach students the habits and behaviors we want them to develop to succeed. 

Class Dojo is both online and available as an iPad, iPhone, or Android app. Setting up classes is easy and intuitive with Class Dojo. You can quickly create a class set of monsters by copying and pasting your class list into the system. You can set the behaviors you want to acknowledge and those you want to correct from a list complete with badges. 

One of the greatest aspects of Class Dojo is that you can easily keep track of specific behaviors both positive and negative. You can also create individualized reports that can be printed out and shared with the students themselves or their parents. Student have the option of tracking their own progress online. You can decide to track progress privately on your phone or tablet, or display progress via your projector. 

Class Badges is designed for the sole purpose of marking progress and achievements on learning goals. It is also a free service and easy to set up and manage. Each student gets a private account where they can keep track of their own progress. There are hundreds of badges to select from and several that apply to each subject area including foreign languages, PE, and the arts. Kids love earning badges. Studies show that badges are a good bridge toward the development of intrinsic motivation. Hat tip to Richard Byrne Free Technology for Teachers

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