Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thinkfinity, Think Incredible!

One of the greatest free technology integration services out there on the Internet is Thinkfinity. Its list of offerings is deep and the tools are engaging and rigorous. The latest offering by Thinkfinity I came across is Science NetLinks via a post by Richard Byrne on his Free Technology for Teachers site. Science NetLinks offers free detailed lesson plans and outstanding web based interactives on a variety of science topics. They are sortable by content and grade level. I highly recommend any science teacher, not matter the grade level bookmark this site and consult it when planning a unit. You may find it especially valuable for planning for a guest teacher.

Among Thinkfinity's other offering are Read, Write, Think. My guess is most educators are aware of Read, Write, Think but if not, please go and acquaint yourself as soon as possible. Before iPads and Web2.0,  Read, Write, Think had to foresight to create interactive tools that captivate students of all ages and levels into the writing process.  It also has interactive activities that include the best practices of early literacy instruction. Once again, you can sort the tools and lesson plans by grade level, skill, or concept.

For IlluminationsThinkfinity partnered with the NCTM. They offer over 600 lesson plans, activities, manipulatives, and weblinks sortable by skill, grade level, and standard.

Wonderopolis is the Bomb dot Com! Use this site to enrich your instruction for your gifted learners and to establish the habits of inquiry, imagination, and wonder into your instruction. You can bookmark it and you have a solid enrichment tool for the students in your class to go to when they finish early with out any extra effort. See the video embedded below.

Thinkfinity wisely partners with the leaders in their field for each of their other content offerings. For example, for Art's Edge they partnered with the Kennedy Center;  for History Explorer they worked with the Smithsonian; EdSitement the best of Humanities on the Web was created with the National Endowment for the Humanities; National Geographic's education site was made in partnership with Thinkfinity and is the one stop shop for social studies, geography, and science resources. Finally, the council for Economic Education also collaborated with Thinkfinity to create their EconEdLink site of economics and personal finance resources site for K-12 educators. 

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