Monday, November 12, 2012

LearnZillion Meets Mentor Mob

Mentor Mob teamed up with Learn Zillion to create interactive playlists of lessons based on the ELA and Math Common Core Standards. Each play list is a concept unit in a step by step format complete with instructional videos, coaches commentary, guided practice, and downloadable documents. Teachers give students a code to access the playlist or embed the entire lesson right in their website. 

Every Standard starts with a video. The video begins with the objective of that lesson. The video goes on to present the material with engaging, easy to understand instruction. The next segment is guided practice via video and interactive elements. Most concepts have independent practice and extension activities. There is an assessment piece for each concept as well. 

This is a free service and I highly recommend it as an excellent resource for homework and additional practice as well as for days teachers need to plan for a substitute. You can rest assured that students are getting easy to understand step by step guided instruction. If you are one of those early adopters, you could even use LearnZillions to flip your classroom. 

Learn Zillions have taken the additional step to provide teachers with a template letter to parents explaining how to best utilize their services. If you would like to see how some schools are already incorporating this tool please view the video embedded below. 

Will iPads soon replace teachers? from Katie Banks Reports on Vimeo.

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