Tuesday, November 6, 2012


TED is a forum for "ideas worth spreading." It began in 1984 in Monterrey California and was designed to bring together people from three innovative areas; Technology, Entertainment, and Design to talk about their best ideas. But it evolved and grew. TED now hosts innovators from every profession and craft and from all parts of the world. The format for a Ted Talk is that of the storyteller. Many are deeply personal. Speakers are asked to present in 20 minutes or less. I have watched hundreds of TED Talks by now and not once do I ever remember feeling like I have wasted my time. Often I find myself laughing out loud or weeping openly. I am always inspired. I usually watch them while working out. Good thing I do that at home.  

In the past few years, TEDx events have been planned. TEDx gathers speakers based on themes or the area of the world where they are hosted. There is a TEDYouth forum too with some phenomenal kids presenting mind blowing ideas. Ideas they not only had but acted on, successfully so. 

TED Ed started last year and I encourage all Teachers in Grades 4 and up to take a look at the site. The videos are well edited and motivational. Every TED Ed Lesson begins with the video or Watch Section, followed by  the Think section with comprehension questions and quizzes. Last but not least, there is a Dig deeper section where students will find related links to research further. You can find lessons by Series, Subject, or Best Rated. 

Even if you do not want have the time to incorporate TED Ed into your curriculum, I encourage you to pick two or three TED Talks and see if you get hooked. Who knows? They may even change your life.

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