Wednesday, December 26, 2012

From Bethlehem With Love

Photo by Megan Black
I am visiting family in Christmas City, USA; AKA Bethlehem, PA. Can't make it back to Detroit due to the blizzard headed directly across I-80. Ah well, another day of snacking, napping, watching movies, hanging with the dogs, and eating cookies. Rats.

Before we left on break I learned about Knowmia via Tweets from a variety of cutting edge, Ed Tech pioneers. Knowmia is free. It requires registration on their website which is a quick and painless process. 

Knowmia is another app in the vein of Khan Academy. In other words, you use drawing tools, annotate, and import images on a virtual white board to explain concepts and step by step processes.  Like Explain Everything, Show Me, and Educations, Knowmia allows you to record your voice as you draw or annotate. You can upload your lessons to a lesson bank online, for free and student scan access those lessons for free. Unlike the others, in Knowmia you can also include video explanations and video clips. There are more tools available in Knowmia than the competition. Additionally  I find the interface easier to navigate and use. 

The iPad screenshots of Knowmia on the iTunes store just happen to contain a similar concept as one my brilliant colleague, Michelle Roberts, did in her Science Class. Michelle had students create presentations, old school, in a software program using the tools to create atom models and show the electron exchange that takes place between elements. Michelle's lesson was successful, fun, and memorable. Knowmia wouldn't make it better but  it would allow the students to record their explanations and provide their final product with a greater audience. They could also do it anytime, anywhere they had their iPad.

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