Friday, December 7, 2012

Marygrove Treasure Trove
Two weeks ago Marygrove College hosted a webinar, Ten Common Technology Challenges for Teachers with Richard Bryne of Free Technology for Teachers. The webinar was free to the public but unfortunately it was also scheduled right at the end of the school day so many were unable to attend, including myself. Luckily, they posted that webinar online. When I went to retrieve it and share it with my staff, I discovered they have all kinds of goodies online.

Some of their offerings include: Step by Step Downloadable Guides, Best Practices, Webinars, and Teacher Talk PodCasts from experts in Education. Please check out Marygrove's Free Resources Page. 

To view Richard's Presentation Ten Common Technology Challenges see the embedded video below. This is also a link to the video if you do not have time currently and would like to bookmark it for later. The webinar is about an hour long and worth its weight in gold. 
Ten Common Technology Challenges for Teachers10 Common Challanges Edit rev1 from Marygrove College on Vimeo.

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