Monday, December 3, 2012

Pauper in a Palace

Earlier this week I gave a presentation to my faculty where I granted them permission to lurk. My principal thought that was scandalous. Not really, but he did find it amusing. The thing is though that most teachers are great thieves and even better hoarders.  I find I am always on the look out for a great idea I can beg, borrow, or steal.

I want to contribute to the feast but often feel like I am the last one to arrive and I brought the Lima beans.  No one wants to feel like a mooch. Least of all teachers who have willingly chosen to live in abject poverty, labor long hours, and put up with precious few who truly understand how hard they work all for the sake of their "kids."

So, sometimes we need someone else to say, "Its okay! Eat up! Just be sure to thank the host by name." And pay it forward when you are able. 

Having said that, this blog is a remix of two tasty leftovers from some fine Ed Tech dining I enjoyed last week. I would like to thank Richard Byrne author of Free Technology for Teachers who has fed me great resources and ideas or the past four years. This is the latest version of his best tech resources. These resources are a mix of Web 2.0 tools, sites, cloud based tools, and apps.

I also want to thank Shelly Terrell of the fantastic blog Teacher Reboot Camp for this wonderful slide share of paired iPad activities. 

Both Shelly and Richard are constant sources of learning and inspiration for me and I highly recommend adding their blogs to your following. You will be well nourished for years to come. 

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