Monday, December 10, 2012

Tech Zero?

Photo by: Megan Black
It surprises most folks but I am not a tech junkie. I am lucky that way. It isn't difficult for me to set limits because more than anything, I jones for balance. Nature, and a long hot bath, are my tickets to peace. Having said that, technology often leads me to new ways to look at the natural world. New ways to hope when I despair.  Stories to remind me why we are here and how we can serve each other and this astonishing world we were given.

And so I would like to share two non-tech, but innovative, 21st century thinking, inspiring, media centric, super cool things I came across over the weekend. The first is the 20 Best Mobile Apps by John Spencer of ReThink Education. John is the latest gem collected in my Personal Learning Treasure. I spent a good hour and a half pouring over his eloquent and relevant blog. I feel the message below is crucial in today's world.

The video I embedded below was shared via Facebook with me from my dear friend, singer songwriter Chris McCall.  I found the story incredibly inspiring and it shows the kind of thinking that is needed in our world today. Please enjoy and like them on Facebook to help provide future funding for Landfill Harmonic.

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