Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Picture Issues

Sometimes you have to listen to needs of the people. The Grosse Pointe Academy moved from the PC world to the MAC over the past year and one of the most frustrating issues teachers face involves iPhoto. It is a great program for creating instant slideshows but try to send a parent a picture via email or upload a single photo to a newsletter and the hoops are insurmountable. iPhoto wants to import photos automatically from any storage device connected to a your Mac. The key is closing it out or importing both to iPhoto and to the pictures file. I have created a screencast on how to upload photos directly to your picture file on a MAC below. There are also written instructions with pictures if you prefer to learn that way in this Google Doc. The print instructions go on to explain how to import the pictures into the new interface of gmail. 

Another frustration users run into is that now that we all have better digital cameras the file sizes are enormous. This makes it difficult to send lots of them via email and it makes loading times lag on websites and online documents. The best way around this problem is to resize the photos prior to mailing them or inserting them into digital documents. Online content does not require the vast size and pixillation photographers prefer for printed photos. You can still see a beautiful image with about 75% less of the file size. My favorite tool for this, picresize, is free and online. You can resize your images one at a time or in large batches. The upload and download is smooth and fairly speedy. There is a screencast for this process posted here.

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