Friday, January 18, 2013

Show Me and Prezi Offer Student Accounts

Show Me is a wonderful iPad app that students can use to show what they know. They can draw on a blank canvas or import pictures and backgrounds. When they click on the record button it records their drawings and their voice as they explain. Previously, if a teacher wanted the video file of their work it required a student email account. Recently, Show Me listened to teachers of students who do not have email accounts but really want their students to have access to this tool. The staff at Show Me added a way for teachers to create student accounts with log ins and passwords. Everything a student creates get emailed to the teacher automatically.  This is a link to Show Me's tutorial on how to do this for your students.

Show me is free and the learning opportunities are tremendous. Additionally, they are very responsive to user comments, suggestions, and seem genuinely interested in meeting the needs of teachers and students. 

Prezi has long been a favorite tool of mine and yet I did not know they had accounts for education until our Head of School at The Grosse Pointe Academy, Lars Kuelling shared it with me earlier this week. You can go directly to the Education Page and sign up here. With the Enjoy Edu package you get Private Presentations, Use Your Own Logo, and 500MB of storage. The Pro Version offers the same features and in addition, off line creation and 2GB of storage for 4.95 a month. 

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