Monday, February 25, 2013

Old School Meets New School

By Megan Black
I love pens and paper. Always have. I collect journals and notebooks. Never feared, only craved the blank page. Another thing, I am a doodler. It helps me listen. This is why I was gladend to hear Sunni Brown's TED Talk stating that research shows that doodling improves our comprehension and creativity.  If you are like me, having a stylus and the Penultimate App would greatly improve your iPad experience. Penultimate used to be .99 cents but now it is free. It integrates and syncs sweetly with Evernote. You get virtual moleskin notebooks and can select grids, lines, or blank pages. You can change colors and widths of the pens you use. 

Here are screenshots of a doodle and note book pages taken in Penultimate

I want to wholeheartedly recommend Penultimate as a wonderful old school meets new school way of learning and keeping notes. It also saves trees while you get your doodle on. 

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