Thursday, February 21, 2013

What is on our Student iPads?

Below are interactive images created using ThingLink, a free web 2.0 tool. With ThingLink you can upload images or pull them from photo sharing sites or the Internet and insert tags into them. The tags can contain links and text descriptions.

These ThingLink images were created of screenshots of the iPad App pages on our student iPads that we share. Hat tip to Jeanette Stepanek for the inspiration. Jeanette was asking if there was anyway I could help her preview what apps are on the iPads so she can better plan for her upcoming lessons. While I provided lists earlier in the year, as time progressed the list evolved. Plus, it is far easier to remember images that reflect the actual device than text based lists.

On the images below, scroll over them and you can link to the app in iTunes as well as preview a brief description of what that app does. 

A word to the warning for GPA faculty; although these are the apps on all the student iPads on the carts for Grades 1-8, they may not appear in that order or on those same pages on the different iPads. You will need to teach the students to search for the app icon you want them to use.

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