Thursday, April 11, 2013

3D Sweet

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Want to hold in your hands the visions you see in your head? 3D Printers let you do just that...after a very, very long time. Magic happens but 3D printers require the patience of trees.

My favorite part of Ironman is when Tony Stark is in his lab bossing around robots and manipulating objects he invents in mid air. I want my own form of Jarvis. A 3D printer is a step toward realizing that fantasy.

This summer I plan to attend a class to learn how build my own 3D printer along with a colleague at Michigan Tech. Here's the skinny on that.  Maybe your school can afford a 3D printer. More likely they can't. However, that doesn't mean you can't design 3D objects and see them.

Here are good resources for 3D printing:

The 3D Printer Experience   This site is home to many different kinds and sizes of 3D printers. It has design tutorials on the site. You can scan and print a 3D version of your head using your cell phone camera. They have a design app as well.

AutoDesk 123D Printing Services  will let students design models  with online tools by dragging pieces together. Their models can then be sent to 123D Make and printed. Students can construct their models without a 3D printer.

cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo by Detlef Schobert:
Mission Street Manufacturing is focused on making 3D printing more affordable and accessible for all. 

The Following are sites focused on design for 3D printing. They are pretty nifty:



Makerbot Thingverse

Freedom of Creation


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