Thursday, April 18, 2013

Build Books Like A Boss

One of my esteemed colleagues sent me on a quest recently to find an iPad Book Creation App that will allow no limits on uploads, embed video and audio files, and generate and share QR Codes. We also thought it would be handy if the App could integrate with Google Docs.  No small task right? Turns out there is just such an iPad app called Creative Book Builder. I learned all about it from Jeremy Brueck on his excellent blog Raised Digital. So, as with all quests I came home with more treasure than anticipated. Not only did I learn of a better book creation app than the one I previously recommended but I can now follow a terrific new blog. Win. Win.

You can use Creative Book Builder in a variety of ways in the educational setting. Obviously you can create your own textbooks and stories. It offers a simple way to assemble professional looking student portfolios. Because of the easy integration of Google Docs classes can work on collaborative projects and publish their findings as a whole. There are other book building apps out there but I know of no other app that does all the things that Creative Book Builder does. It also exports to a variety of sources to make sharing simple and easy. 

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