Monday, April 22, 2013

Girl EmPower, Not Just for Chicks

Girl emPower
I must be wearing my lucky pants today because I am in the right place at the right time. Everyday I get to work with incredibly cool people, one of which is my colleague Denise Phelps. Denise is one of those teachers that kids remember for the rest of their lives as someone who made them feel heard and seen and who made them realize their power and worth. She must have done the same for her daughter Laura Phelps because she and her partner Andrew Cavanagh just won the Presidents' Equal Futures Challenge Notable App for Girl emPower . The app is designed to help inspire civic leadership in girls. Perhaps an unintended bonus outcome you get from using the app is the realization that inequality in government is still appallingly present! (For Example, there are 435 seats in congress yet women only occupy 81 of them. There are 100 senators and yet only 18 are female.)

But let's focus on the positive and this very righteous app, shall we? What does Girl emPower  feature? Well, your journey starts with a map of the US. You can hone in on women representatives from various states and read their bios, find out about the issues that inspire them, and read their recent Tweets.

You can easily locate and contact your own representatives by inputting your zip code into the connect section. 

The Watch tab of Girl emPower connects you to the recent US government You Tube uploads on the latest hot button issues. At this writing there are press conferences on the Boston Marathon Bombings and Gun Violence featured into Girl emPower's feed.

The Learn section will show you How a Bill Becomes a Law through a nifty, interactive, graphic organizer. Girl emPower gives you Fun Facts about the government and how it works in a flip book. IMHO, the best part of the whole shooting match is the In Their Own Words section. Laura and Andrew curated oodles of video clips of phenomenal femmes talking about what it means to be a woman leader and why it is crucial we work toward equal representation. 

The last stop on Girl emPower lets you quiz yourself on what you learned about the US Government. 

I am going to throw down a challenge here and ask parents and educators not only of girls but of boys as well to have them explore Girl emPower.   Until our young men learn to admire strong, female heroes and role models, there will be no lasting equality. 

Watch below as The Man himself, President Barack Obama announces this noble, brave, and free app. 


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