Monday, April 8, 2013 Visual Awesomeness

There is a new service out there called It is sort of like Padlet (formerlyWallwisher) meets Pinterest. If you are one of those visual thinkers who likes to organize and sort with pictures rather than word lists, this is a tool for you. Before all the snazzy gadgets, I was the kind of geek that would post ideas and important papers on cork boards and move them around. I also like to brainstorm ala Dr. House on white board. allows you to do this digitally. What is better is that you can invite others and work on boards collaboratively yet keep those collaborators and your work exclusive and secret until you are ready to share with the world. not only allows you to post websites, videos, pictures, and published content, you can also import your cloud services like Google Drive and at that to the mix. This makes a natural tool for schools. Once you create a board you can then turn it into a presentation! Voila!

This is a screenshot from a Mural. ly I am putting together to build our STEM/STEAM curriculum here at GPA. You can see the toolbar on the left and the navigation tool on the right. Below the picture is a short introductory video with a sexy voice over.

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