Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Learning, Sunshine, and Theta

Photo by Megan Black
Summer Learning Loss? Hogwash, I say. Bananas. Balderdash.  As if learning something different isn't learning. There are a million ways to grow your brain in the summer, none of which has to do with memorizing math facts. Not that I am against math fact memorization. I'm old school when it comes to some things and that is one of them. Unless of course you try and try and it just doesn't happen for you and then I say, no sense spitting into the wind. Use a calculator.

We all need a rest. We need to get bored. Remember that? It was when I actually slowed down enough in summer as a kid that I discovered what I really liked to do. And, I noticed things I never noticed in my hustle and bustle. As an adult, one of the benefits of being a teacher is that I get this same opportunity every year. It isn't that I stop learning. Au Contraire. I prefer to believe that my mind works differently. Deeper. More creatively. 

Energy Psychology, one of the interests I plan to investigate this summer, says that when our brains are in Theta state there is a free flow of learning that not only enters our brains but flows right into our nervous system all the way down to our cells and DNA. Theta is the primary brainwave pattern when we are born until we are nearly 6 or 7. It is the pattern of immersive play. After the age of reason, so to speak, we only enter Theta phase just before sleep, just upon waking, in deep hypnosis, or deep meditation. I hope to spend a lot of time in Theta and sunshine for the next several weeks. 

When visiting the alpha or beta states I may attend one of these Professional Developments. Maybe you might wish to as well.

Edutopia Virtual Workshops
Brainpop Webinars
Discovery Education Network Webinars

If you are a Michigan Educator please check out Learnport's offerings. Some of  the folks I admire the most are hosting classes with Michigan's Virtual Learning in conjunction with Learnport

Summer is a great time to plan, practice, and play with technology integration. In fact, a couple years ago my Specials teammates and I made a cheesy, but fun, silent movie that demonstrates training and planning are the meat and potatoes of successful integration. The brief but hopefully entertaining, silent film is embedded below for your enjoyment with apologies to Chaplin and du Fresnay. 

In the meantime....

The Teacher will be able to:
  • Sleep late
  • Lay down in the soft grass and watch the clouds roll by
  • Grow tomatoes
  • Put your feet in a cool stream
  • Read
  • Watch the doings at a pond
  • Climb a tree
  • Listen to the birds
  • Breathe
  • Notice 
  • Appreciate

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