Thursday, March 6, 2014

Poetic Apps

By Megan Black
April cannot come soon enough. This winter has tested the grit of everyone. April is my favorite "Mud-luscious" month. Not only because of life returning, and the buds, or the lingering daylight and warmer air. But for the poetry. 

There are several free apps to help you discover your inner Lucille Clifton. Many of which are offered by Read, Write, Think from the International Reading Association. Many of you are probably familiar with their wicked awesome website. They have taken their most widely used web applications and created mobile Apps

Haiku Poem

This is my personal favorite. The Zen-like design is appealing. They have broken down the process of writing a haiku and made it interactive. When you are finished, you have a peaceful, elegant product. 

Diamante Poems

Again, this takes the poet through an interactive, foolproof process to writing a Diamonte Poem. I had a student named Diamonte' once. He quite often confused this format with...

Acrostic Poems

This App will guide the poet through the steps of Acrostic formation. (That sounds almost Biblical.) The final product is plain and simple. Maybe they'll add some super cool fonts soon. 

Theme Poem 
The Theme Poems App is great for the wee ones. You can make a poem about a shoe, in a shoe. Or an existential fish, in a fish. 

by: Megan Black

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