Thursday, January 8, 2015

iPad Band

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We are about to start our REAL (Real World Experiences and Applied Learning) elective classes that focus on areas of interest and passion. REAL is an important part of our STEAM program. One of the classes offered this year is iPad Band. Where students will work in groups to form bands using iPad App instruments. To help out our very busy music teachers, I put together a graphic of instrument and music making Apps with embedded links. All of them are free and most of them have no in app purchases. It is embedded below for your listening/downloading pleasure.

If the idea of an iPad Band floats your boat, you will love the adorkable Ge Wang. He has a wonderful Ted Talk on how he creates computer generated music and The Orchestra of the Future. Ge also formed the Stanford Laptop Orchestra and the Stanford Mobile Orchestra. Mr Wang took his creations and turned them into fantastic iPad Apps under his company name Smule. Check out Smule. Not only do you get the instruments, you get a community with which to jam.

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