Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Mooring 1-5-15

About the Mooring: Welcome to the New Year! I've moved my weekly EdTech email update for my staff to this blog. We are a Montessori Pre-K through Grade 8 Independent School. Most resources are aimed at Kindergarten through Grade 8. Although, many will be useful for those who teach high school as well. We are also a 1:1 iPad school with a strong emphasis on STEAM integration. 

FrostBite Theater 
Frostbite Theater is a collection of physics and chemistry experiments on video by Jefferson Labs. The first section are super cool liquid nitrogen experiments. There are many others on the page, including experiments that can be done at home. The Jefferson Labs site itself is outstanding and worth wandering through.  Hat tip Richard Byrne Free Technology for Teachers

Try Engineering
Not only does Try Engineering offer hundreds of Lesson Plans to incorporate Engineering principals, it also offers games with real world applications that students will challenge students. Again, hat tip Richard Byrne Free Technology for Teachers

Get The Math
Get The Math asks real world leaders in various occupations to talk about and present the math challenges that they face on the job. There are follow up lessons to each video where students have to solve the challenge. It is an excellent anecdote to the age old question of those artistic souls, "When am I ever going to use this in real life?"Again, hat tip Richard Byrne Free Technology for Teachers Honestly, I don't get all my resources from Richard, but he is the best. 

Cultural Museums Sharing Through Creative Commons
Jane Park posted a SlideShare titled Creative Commons and Cultural Heritage recently that not only explains Creative Commons Codes for students but also cultural museums around the globe that are now sharing photos and other forms of media through creative commons. This is manna from Jane for producing ethical Video mashups and slideshows with students.

Plotly for Educators
Educators can post graphing and infographic assignments and share them with classes easily with Plotly. And, in turn classes can share with each other and collaborate. Better yet, Plotly is gratis. Hattip to Fred Delventhal.

ThinkLink App Smash Challenge
Thinglink is a cross platform service and App where you can tag pictures with text, links, video, and audio. It makes for a fantastic platform/launch spot for other Apps, websites, and media. On the Thinklink Blog by Susan Oxnevad posted a challenge to educators to App smash with Thinglink. She also posted some fabulous examples of ways that other educators have smashed successfully. (And they didn't even get in trouble.)

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