Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Mooring 2-23-15

The Monday Moorings were developed as a way to distribute some of the best educational resources recently discovered that would benefit my current faculty and teacher friends. 

Great Google Gifts

15 Google Drawing Graphic Organizers Matt Miller of Ditch that Textbook generously posted 15 excellent graphic organizers made in Google Draw for students in Google Apps for Education (GAFE) schools to use in a variety of subjects. Teachers can make copies of the organizers and then share them with students who can then, make their own copies.

Another helpful GAFE resource I learned of recently is The GOORU. The GOORU offers tips, tricks, and tools for all things Google. Their tutorials are well done and I learned several time saving tricks. The Gooru has features for educators, administrators, managers, as well as good stuff for your average Gmail user.

A Menagerie of Chrome Extensions is a fabulous Thinklink created by Julie Ann Hopp with oodles of links to super awesome Chrome Extensions that will help students and teachers alike.

Super SAMR Swag

EdSurge published a fascinating article on how to effectively bring the SAMR Model into iPad Integration. This is a must read for educators who want to get the most out of iPads and move beyond using it as a device for consumption and souped up skill drill.

If you find you are still confused about skillful technology integration, Alan November of November Learning published Six questions to Clear the Confusion Between Technology Rich and Innovative Poor. These questions will keep you on the right track.

Guess what?! Julie Ann Hopp has a nifty ThinkLink of Remix Apps for the SAMR Model too. Bookmark it, You won't regret it.

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