Friday, June 5, 2015

I Need Help!

Photo and Doodle by Megan Black
We all have that kid. You know the one who hasn't had the assignment for more than a fraction of a second and they are yelling, "I need help!" Well, if you were one of the brave souls who tried to implement my Summer Teeth recommendations, you might have found yourself just like one of those kids. Especially, if you wanted to try to assign MathGames.

MathGames is a worthwhile endeavor. I still recommend it. However there is a glitch they are still working on.  If you forewarn students and provide these handy instructions, it will help mitigate most of your issues. It will, at the very least, provide them with less of an excuse for not doing the work. 

Math Games Teacher Instructions

Math Games Student Help

I wish you all a restful and peaceful summer. 

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